Choo choo – the Cat Train

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: I had my eye on this postcard on eBay for a long time before I broke down and bought it. More interesting (and certainly odd) than good, but somehow in the end I decided it should be mine. It is a bit hard to imagine how someone came up with the decision that this would be a birthday card, but then again, what else could it really be? (Easter goes off in my head, but for no real reason.) It goes without saying that the cat is greatly perturbed (seriously annoyed) by the ‘reins’ around his neck, a glorious pink though they have been colored, and clearly kitty has no intention of pulling anything or anyone anywhere. He or she isn’t especially well groomed which also makes me wonder how this all came together – no photographer’s studio cat this. As an admirer of toys I would note that the train the little boy is perched on is a nice one.

The ditty, which is a bit hard to read against the background is:

Loving Birthday Wishes
I send you, dear, by this,
A greeting warm and true,
To hope all good luck and joy,
Your Birthday bring to you.

The card was never mailed, but written on the back in thick ink is, My Dear David, Just a card to wish you Every Joy a [something] Your Birthday. Heaps of Love from Mary xxxxxxxx.

While I fantasize about such things as dressing my cats up for photos, not to mention anthropomorphic dreams of all cat bands and chorus lines, in reality I am reluctant to indulge my whim and injure their cat dignity in this fashion. William Wegman may have made his name that way, but somehow his dogs seems less insulted by the proceedings than a cat would. Dogs seem to like having a job, any job. Still, as my birthday approaches each, I skulk around hoping to stumble at long last on signs that Kim is out in the hall with the cats and this year they will be ready to perform!


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