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Pamela Butler’s Pam’s Pictorama is a blog made up primarily of early photographs and photo postcards, many of them featuring cats or cat toys from the early years of the 20th Century. Unless otherwise noted the photographs and the toys are from her own collection. The collection is especially deep in items relating to Felix the Cat. She resides in Manhattan with her amazing cats, Cookie (a tuxedo) and Blackie (self-explanatory), and her wonderful husband artist Kim Deitch. For more about Pam and Kim you can also join Kim’s Facebook page.

Please left through the archive on the calendar to the right – the red dates are dates with posts, or go to the Home page for the latest posts. Generally new posts appear weekly on weekends – with occasional bonus posts, often on holidays.  Enjoy!


One thought on “About Pam & Contact

  1. Hi,
    Your mystery wolf is also an unlicensed Disney Wolf made by Munecas Pedro Gros in Spain.
    I have one just like him.
    Happy collecting

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