bat ring

Pam’s Pictorama: Our Halloween theme continues and stretches a tiny bit to cover this wonderful oddity I bought at a flea market several years ago. Shown on my hand here, this ring sits on a single finger, although it covers several. I purchased it thinking I would give it away to a friend at some point, but somehow never did. I wore it the day I bought it, but it does have the distinct disadvantage of being so heavy that it made my hand tired quickly. The pain of interesting fashion.

I have a bit of trouble imagining exactly what the early life of this ring was. It is a nicely made piece of costume jewelry, but it is hard to imagine the audience. Was this an exotic cocktail ring of the ’60’s? Or just something for any old Saturday night out? It certainly is a statement piece and has something of a more black leather, maniacal feel to it -yet oddly cheerful and essentially very fun.

Because of the weight I have not worn it. However, some day I will be invited to the right Halloween party and will happily sport it for the evening and be the belle of the ball.