An Odd Felix

Doggy Felix

Pam’s Pictorama Toy Post: As our Halloween posts begin to come to a close, prepare yourselves for the first in a long line of Felix posts – I say let the Felix fiesta begin! I have been busy on eBay and there will be several new Felix items coming to Pam’s Pictorama. However, today I am starting with this fine fellow which is not a recent eBay indulgence, but one from several years ago. I admit to an absolutely extraordinary weakness for these strangely deconstructed Felix toys, the weirder and more off-model or homemade the better.

As I learned from researching my prior post,¬†East London Toy Factory Ltd.,¬†these really were handmade by women in factories in London. I can’t quite explain the appeal, but the stranger and more bizarre these toys are, the more I must have them. Luckily for me, I seem to be singular in this passion and the really odd guys often come reasonably cheap.

This one has wide-set eyes, a strangely square body with a tail that oddly reads like a third leg, and the one turned down ear seems to wave at us. He is somewhat doggy. He has been well-loved and has a patch or two and some bald spots to prove it. I do not believe he was ever designed to stand, and in all his tatty glory, he resides in a reclining pose on a top shelf in the bedroom. He has a friendly expression however and he lives a happy existence, here with the many other variations of Felix the Cat.