Felix in the Tea Leaves

Pam’s Pictorama: Ah, yes, Felix in my future indeed! This image falls into the just barely Felix mode. Still, if Felix is going to arrange himself in the remains of your tea cup, what can you expect?

While black cats get a bad rap in this country, in other countries and cultures I am pleased to say the little guys enjoy a reputation for good luck. I picked this English ditty up online:

Black cat, cross my path
Good fortune bring to home and hearth
When I am away from home
Bring me luck wherever I roam

– Old English Charm
Evidently the Japanese have a soft spot for them too. I guess in this way the world will remain populated with the precious black kits like my very own Blackie – named for obvious reasons. Blackie has hedged his bets with a small but clear white star on his chest, just to relieve the anxiety of the superstitious. Obviously, I consider him very good luck indeed.
Blackie Eats the Orchid

Blackie Eats the Orchid

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