The Easter Kitty

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Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: Of course every day is a cat holiday in my book, but I have been holding this card for an Easter nod. Mr. Bunny is certainly the picture of calm and cool and fluffy at a dish (must be water because I can’t think of a food cats and rabbits share) with not one but three kitties. Granted, two are juniors kits, look about eight months old, not quite full size yet. They look like they could stir up plenty of trouble, yet somehow the bunny is not what they have in mind today. Something has the attention of the black one (Blackie’s great-great-grandfather?) off camera. Senior cat seems to be contemplating something too.

I can’t decide if what we see in the upper right corner is someone in a long dress – perhaps making sure everyone plays nice? I also like what we see of this yard. It is pleasantly run down and lived-in, but in a cheerful way with the potted plants and worn stairs. Clearly there was meant to be some sort of pre-fab decorative border, although on this one it has gone awry. (More sloppy printing! How disappointing for the recipient of the photo!) This card was never used and I assume just kept to commemorate a lovely afternoon with the pets outside; everyone enjoying themselves on a sunny day.

I have never known a rabbit very well. My colleague Morgan has a small black and white named Petunias, and I enjoy video clips and photos of his antics. I knew a woman who adopted her neighbors miniature rabbit, Bun Bun. He was extremely affectionate and holding him was the first time I realized that rabbits purr! Fascinating! My brother had a magnificent, enormous rabbit, Juliette. She deserves her own post really. He was an excellent rabbit parent – and later adopted a bird. Edward is pet-less now – a fact I think he should remedy.(Edward, consider this a public rebuke for your petlessness!) Eventually another animal will adopt him and his girlfriend, I’m sure. After all – he’s a Butler and they have a way of finding us.

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