Starting Small with Mice


Pam’s Pictorama Toy Post:  Of course what is a cat collection without –  mice! This wonderful bunch of little Mickeys (and one Minnie) is courtesy of Britain’s Dean’s Rag Book Company – the greatest maker of the off model Mickey Mouse that I know of.  It was (is) a large company and I have to believe they had the license to Mickey, but that leaves us scratching our head about why he came out so wonderfully toothy and terrifying! Whatever did Walt think?

These were purchased at auction – I think three from Hake’s and one from Morphy’s, but I could be wrong. Definitely not eBay however, although there are usually some to be found for sale there.  They are delightful. The smaller ones are about four inches in length.  Don’t know what that little orange prison-type suit is on the second one in – the shorts are the more typical outfit.  It appears to be original to him however.

I have been told that these are “jazzers” – little, light figures with wire legs that you could put on the arm of your (wind-up) phonograph and they would gently bounce along as the record played.  Don’t try this at home kids – has to be hell on your 78’s!

4 thoughts on “Starting Small with Mice

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