Some (Felix) Smalls



Pam’s Pictorama Toy Post:  Let’s start with some disclosure – the Felix pin is off of eBay and in decidedly better condition than the one I own.  That aside, we have some wonderful tiny items that were designed to enhance daily life in the 20’s or so. The first is a tape measure and pin cushion (a birthday gift from my rather wonderful husband) followed by a Felix pencil sharpener (Kim actually acquired this as a trade of “art for toys” for me when we visited San Francisco last year – man, what did I ever do to deserve him? I’m a lucky girl!) and last, but not least, a very nice Felix pin.  The one I own (if not an outright gift from Kim. one that he contributed to – there’s a theme here) is greatly discolored compared to this one and this photo was handy. Someone recently sent a photo of a car with Felix on the grill – it was a time of ribald Felix fun!  Sorry I missed it, but I’m doing my best to recreate it here in our small slice of heaven on the upper East side of Manhattan.