Ugly Children, Good Toys

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Pam’s Pictorama Post:  Okay, my title is perhaps a bit unfair, I think the baby in the carriage with Felix is perhaps the only really unattractive child – but let’s face it, the point of these photos is the toys. For those of you who think that is harsh – I have only this question, Who would buy these photos today without the toys?

From the top – a photo postcard of a very scary, toothy Mickey – no wonder that child looks terrified!  Even the plane becomes a bit frightening in proximity to Mickey.  Below it, another photo postcard – a small child strapped into a carriage with a Felix that would probably give some people nightmares. Last, a small albumen print of a boy holding a rather nice elephant toy in addition to a wooden Felix he is rather proud of, as he should be.

Jazz up your kids with a toy I say!