Let the Cats Begin!

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Pam photo postcard blog post.  So today I start at square one for me and a pleasant August beach-y theme to suit our vacation mode; folks posing with Felix.  The first one I ever saw was in a wonderful book on the history of Felix that Kim gave me when we first got together.  There is this single amazing image from a museum in Australia, I think (Australia, New Zealand and the UK is where they all seem to originate from – which begs the question – why the heck weren’t they being made here?  Coney Island?  I’ve never seen one taken in the US – anyone?) and man, if you had told me in those pre-eBay days that I would own 40 or so of these I would have figured I had died and gone to heaven!  To even see one in person seemed unlikely – I didn’t even know that they were running around in the world, although I should have suspected.  As you can see from the one in the bottom, this also embraces the too cheap to purchase a real stuffed Felix photo – these are fun too.  People also liked to pose with their own Felix – the same as they liked to pose with their own cats.

Obviously this is a theme I will be returning to – I intend to get the whole collection up over time! There are lots of stories to tell and we’ll get to them all eventually!