Driving with Teddy

Riding Bear

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: How amazing! These people are out for a drive on a lovely day with their small bear tucked into the car with them. Why not? It is a gorgeous day and the sun is just streaming down on them. Everyone wearing hats – except of course of for our friend the bear.

If you look very carefully, you can see another woman, wearing a hat, just behind the bear. The bear also has a leash of some sort hanging from his neck. Notably, he is not wearing a muzzle – as trained bears frequently do – and he looks as placid as you could possibly want, one ear back in vague inquiry, “Can we get moving?” The man next to him has his hand on the bear’s near arm – or is it considered a leg? It took me a while to spot the large crowd of people in the background, visible in the lower right corner. Some sort of fair? Perhaps these folks were itinerant performers, arriving or leaving. Regardless, the bear seems utterly amiable and content in his seat in the car and it is nice to think of them as a family out for a ride on a sunny afternoon.

Wish I could have been there too, but owning this photo is a bit like having a little piece of that long ago day.

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