Felix Trinket Tray


Pam’s Pictorama Post: As someone who trolls ongoing through online listings for Felix the cat related items, I have seen a number of odd household items devoted to Felix, almost exclusively produced in Great Britain. Some of these items are practical and usable and many are strictly decorative – this one is sort of between those categories – and everything from car hood ornaments and bedwarmers were made from brass. The sheer quantity and imaginative offers of household items has long fascinated me and I believe I have opined on the subject in both Living the Felix Life and A Cuppa Felix, among other posts.

As a person who collects lots of small bits and pieces and a generally disorganized one, I am always a sucker for catch all trays, boxes and cabinets. Not that any of these has ever organized me or my collections, but hope does spring eternal. This one is quite shallow and I think it may head to my office to hold paperclips and the like. Felix is poorly and clumsily cast, yet he is undeniably our man the cat. It has been poorly cleaned and the brass has stained in places – maybe rubbed through if this is a brass overlay, although looking under it the appearance is solid brass. For some reason this item annoys Cookie. She is sitting with me while I write this and every time she looks at it, her ears go back.

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