Posing Puss


Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: “I am ready for my close up!” This fine fellow must have been a much beloved pet. Here he poses, between desk and (my guess is) cash register. Perhaps a guardian of a family owned establishment, mouser and greeter, a cat of many talents. He – I am going to guess its a he – is a nice stripped guy and clearly a cat who knows how to show off his attributes. This is a cat for posterity – you could put him on a coin or a postage stamp to represent all fine, upstanding and noble kitties.

This photo has no writing on it and it is entirely clean, front and back so it probably didn’t live in an album. From what we can see of the desk and the register it appears to be early in the last century, however, it is printed with a white margin and therefore it was printed after the use of enlargers began.

Living in the internet age, we certainly are familiar with cats performing for the camera. This is proof that it is a skill, an instinct perhaps, that goes back well before the days of Youtube.

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