Felix Takes the Beach



Pam’s Pictorama photo post:  A Labor Day beauty!  This new acquisition seems perfect for the last unofficial day of the summer season. While an in depth look at my Felix photo postcards is pending (they are the unofficial inspiration for this blog – my photos and the prolonged and boring recuperation from foot surgery earlier this summer) I can’t resist considering each of them on their own merits. As I said in Let the Cats Begin when I first saw one of these photos as published in the Felix the Cat bio book, it never occurred to me that I would get to own dozens of them – oh bliss! It was years before eBay was so much as a glimmer in anyone’s eye, and considering I have acquired almost everyone of these from Australia, New Zealand or Great Britain it is truly unlikely that I could have amassed the collection without it.  (Oddly however, this one was purchased from someone in Florida. It may be the first I’ve purchased from a US seller.)

All that aside – how wonderful! A waggish Felix is just peaking into this photo – makes me wonder if they had to pay full fare considering.  The grandmother (?) such a solid citizen, brooking no nonsense – Felix notwithstanding.  The back of the card, shown below, is more or less illegibly scrawled, presumably by the little girl.  I have gotten pretty good at reading these, but this one defies my abilities a bit.  The little girl is very much enjoying the whole thing however.

I don’t know what it is (a happy past life as a Felix photographer perhaps?), but these cards just make my pulse race. I won’t rest until I own them all!


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