Where has Pam been?


A small Pictorama Post for those of you not on Facebook!  For those of you wondering where I got to over the past week, please know I haven’t forgotten you, but that my beloved husband Kim had emergency surgery following a trip to the ER on Sunday.  Very relieved to report that all has returned more or less to normal in the Butler-Deitch house as of last night.  Kim shown in bed above, earlier this morning, with our cats, Cookie (next to him) and Blackie (at his feet) working away on his book.  I told everyone he pretty much sat up in the recovery room and started to tell me story ideas! For those of you who have already sent well wishes, thank you!

The Mysteries of Felix

felix carCat ....umbrella

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post:  Today’s post is of one of my favorite series of photos.  All three were purchased on Ebay, tiny photos – sort of 3 inches, smaller than reproduced here. The first two I purchased together, the third considerably later and from a different seller. They all came from Portland (which, as some of you know already, is emerging in my mind as the el dorado for whacky old photo finds) and are so similar – I have to wonder what the story might be.

They are on photo paper, but poorly printed. How can they be so similar and unrelated?  If they were some sort of multiple prints what on earth was the reason or the origin? That the first two show the Felix person holding a white cat – and that old car! – well, what more could I ask for? (Love those white Felix cat tummies too!) If memory serves I lost out on a second image of Felix on the car. These didn’t come cheap and I think I was just out of money. I have posted them on FB in the past and the image on the car either circled back to me on the internet, or there are other copies out there. I haven’t ever seen the other two any place else. These photos were the first in my acquisition of strange photos of people wearing Felix masks, and still among the ones I like very best!