My Little Pony


Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post:  What child doesn’t fantasize about having their own pony?  Kim and I were just discussing this and of course, we both wanted, and were denied (Mom! Dad!) pony ownership.  I mean, it’s like having your own elephant when you’re a kid, right? Top ‘o the world! This little girl has it all going and she knows it. Not just that natty little pony, but the jaunty outfit and tack, complete with chaps, saddle bag and saucy hat. Let’s face it, accessories do make the girl. Completing this photo are the cobblestones and the upright picket fence behind her.

My mother was evidently quite a rider when she was young – mucking stalls for riding time along with her best friend. A riding accident eventually persuaded her that it was too dangerous for her children to pursue so I never learned to ride. I’m sure I would have gone through a prolonged girl loves horses stage. Instead, I pretended our German Shepard was a pony and rode her (and would dress the cat up and put her on the dog’s back – circus kitty) and became intimately absorbed in the life of the cat and dog instead. But boy, oh boy, I would have loved this set up!

Pam Postscript: I found this on eBay shortly after posting this. In my less romantic childhood, this was my trusty steed.  Cowboys and Indians alike watch out! I think I even thought it could go to the moon – perhaps not surprising having into consciousness in the 1960’s.



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