South American Mickey?


Pam’s Pictorama Toy Post: This Mickey and Minnie have a strange story of acquisition. Back in  February I had noted them on eBay and I put them up on Facebook by general way of interest – I liked them but the damage was daunting. I was surprised when the seller turned out to be a Facebook friend, responded, and offered me the duo in exchange for a trade of Kim’s work. Kim generously stepped up to the plate and after a flurry of emails the mice were secured!

The seller was very up front about the condition of Mickey and Minnie. The appear to be made from silk or a silk-like fabric which tends to shred and has. As a result, they need to be placed somewhere they can live out their days undisturbed. (Cookie and Blackie, I hope you are reading this.) They are large, about 12 inches. Mickey’s dashing sash and Minnie’s hat and skirt made me dub them South American Mickeys. I have never seen ones like them and I assume, without really knowing, that they are unlicensed. They have that wonderful ratty, buck-toothed look I especially like in my Mickeys that early and non-American made toys tend to have most.

As I originally protested, I sadly am not good at major repairs and have not come up with a course of action on these. I am very open to suggestions. The fabric’s shredding makes it especially difficult. For now, they reside, propped up on my dresser, keeping an eye on the cats.


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