Pam’s Pictorama Blog Debuts


Pam here, launching my new blog Pam’s Pictorama, with a couple of old, but precious to me, photo strips of me and Kim. These are among several we have – the best of the lot! One was taken at a party we attended that had a photo booth – hotsy totsy! The other I think came from a trip to Rye Playland. That was my first trip, but Kim has terrific childhood memories of it, including learning to swim there in a glorious old pool which he showed me.

I have always been especially fond of photo booths. They capture the essence of what I love about a certain kind of photos of people – that “Gee, gosh, wow” moment of “I am having my photo taken and I want to show the world how happy I am!” It is one of the things I adore about the photo postcards of folks with a Felix the Cat dolls that I collect and have shown. “Here we are, posing with Felix and having the time of our lives!”

Anyway, I hope you will follow this or check in occasionally. Check in on the blog and let me know if you stop by!

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