Chocolate Felix

Pam’s Pictorama Post: Since I am writing this post with the intention that it will reach you next Saturday morning, while I, if all goes according plan, will be cheerfully immersed in one of my favorite flea markets in the world, Portobello Road in London. I leave Tuesday to join Wynton Marsalis and the band as they conclude a monthlong tour of Europe in London. After several days committed to them, I am devoting Saturday morning to the flea market – although I may go hear some jazz in the afternoon as well.

I thought this recently acquired Felix chocolate card would be a nice nod to my trip. A quick search shows that I never wrote about the Felix cards, shown below, that I bought at Portobello years ago and have sat framed on my wall for a number of years. I lived in London for a year, way back in 1984-85 during a year of school. Although I loved the flea markets for other reasons, it was years before my Felix or toy collecting kicked in. However, as I wrote recently, when I returned years later to visit it was where I first discovered and started purchasing these early Felix toys. On one of those trips I purchased, among (many) other things, these chocolate cards.

Felix cards

Felix the Cat chocolate cards, collection

Today’s is a rare addition to the group. I see these frequently and have never had the urge to buy additional ones until this one crossed my path recently. While I do love this early Felix, clearly drawn freehand by someone, it is the strange, large eared mouse who seems to hover in the air and the tiny Swank Felix next to it that I like – what does that mean? While I suppose one could attribute him to being Mickey influenced, his rendering, with spiky parts and long curling tail, seems to make him a rugged individualist. I can only imagine the pure delight of unwrapping a lovely piece of milk chocolate and getting this card as a bonus. Considering the potential delights of early 20th century Britain endlessly entertains me. Wish me happy hunting!

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