Happy Hooligan


Pam Photo Post:  People love to take photos of themselves with their cats (look through the paper and see how many people, when having their photo taken, grab up the cat for the portrait or family photo – as they should of course!) but the other impulse is to immortalize the family cat.  From blurry tintype and daguerreotype (those cats just wouldn’t stay still long enough for slow exposure) to the several hundred of Blackie and Cookie on my iPad today, it is an irresistible inclination for cat lovers.

Cyanotypes like this one had speedier exposures and were less expensive than the processes of even a few years before, so they were very popular and the family cat was a frequent subject.  This card of Happy Hooligan and the little story about having moved into the new house nearby – but most importantly that it ends with Happy as Happy can be! – is a great little cat tale.  I have tried to buy others similar to this, but always get outbid – everyone loves a cat with a little story I guess.

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