Cat Hat



Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post:  Found this the other day and snatched it up – like something I would have dreamed up!  Brooklyn 1923 was a hot place to be if you could see women sporting stuffed black cats on their hats!  For some reason superstition gave way to a black cat fad in the early twenties and even beyond and those who know my collection know I have a lot of toy cats from this period as a result.  The little guy above was actually my very first eBay purchase and I thought he deserved to come out since he’s a pretty good mate for the hat cat.

As you can see from the painted in area, as well as the text on the back, this was a press photo and a well used one. Don’t know where (or if!) Dally Petit is today, but I salute her sartorial splendor!

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