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Pam Pictorama photo post, From one of my all time favorite films, Frank Borzage’s silent, Lucky Star.  I say silent, although evidently a part talkie was also made which I have not seen, but may exist at least partially.  I have seen stills from it.  I do not think this still represents a scene that actually made it into the film, although the appropriate part of the film is in the outtake YouTube I have linked to here.  Take a stroll through it – or even better, tuck in and watch the whole film!  I can and have watched it again and again.

The Back Pay still is one we’ve had for a while – framed up on the wall right next to our computer where I am sitting right now.  I have never seen the film and it may be lost.  Both of these stills embody what I like best about Frank Borzage films – a sort of magical artificial world.  For me, Frank Borzage is one of the more or less unsung heroes of film – working shoulder to shoulder with the likes of John Ford in those early years.  Another favorite to look out for Lazy Bones stars Buck Jones – as sweet a movie as you could ever want to see! While these are not yet entirely common place viewing, a giant Frank Borzage set put out a few years ago has made some of these available.  And I think my friends over at TCM are starting to promote at least his later work a bit.

Although my first viewing of Lucky Star was at MoMA we were lucky enough to catch up with a multi-day Borzage fest at the Museum of the Moving Image.  (Where we also attended several days of William S. Hart films – bliss!) Sadly that venue doesn’t seem to be showing many silents any longer, let alone those glorious festivals!  However, I hope I have done my part to introduce Lucky Star to even a few more people.  Enjoy!

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    • Thank you for your encouragement! The Facebook folks all comment there instead of on the blog. Absolutely try to catch up with Lucky Star if you can – online or otherwise. A mesmerizing silent film. Just one of the best least known ones.

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