Me-ow! Kitty Sing-a-long



Pam’s Pictorama Cat Sheet Music Post:  When I first branched out of collecting beyond toys, cat sheet music was one of the first things I started to acquire.  Shown above is a sampling from my collection.  I especially liked that the Leo Feist company liked the cat art work so much, or was so cheap, that he used it in ’24 and again in ’29.  The Cat on Hot Bricks has not made it up onto the wall which is a pity – however The Black Cat Rag, which I adore and came to me via Chris Ware years ago is up, as is the Cat’s Whiskers and the Felix sheet music.  Kim is not a fan of the Felix image – says it is lousy art and he’s right. Nonetheless, it was the first Felix music I ever saw and purchased so I have a soft spot for it.  Felix sheet music really could (and will) be its own post, but I offer this as a placeholder for now.

My collecting in this area has slowed – we don’t have the room to hang all of it – but occasionally I find something I must have and tuck it away for future display.  Part of the point of this blog is to help me sort through some of my collection and have a look at everything I have so I hope you enjoy the trip!

Along those lines, a special thanks and a tip of the hat to those of you who have withstood and/or helped me through the early technical challenges of set-up.  (Seth and Eileen – this means you!)  The Contact page now seems to function and I hope to have lots of comments in the future. Hopefully we have all pistons more or less firing.

3 thoughts on “Me-ow! Kitty Sing-a-long

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