Flapper Page – Photo Album Continued

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: Shortly after my cat photo collage post (August 10) I found this interesting page on eBay and decided to stretch a point and buy it – no cats, but a sort of wonderful glimpse into what was likely a young woman’s life in the twenties. It is a small page, less than 8×10 – so each image is quite tiny. I am wondering which, if any, might be the owner of the album and page maker – maybe the girl with the fur collar and pearls at the top in the middle? Or the one with the hat above her? Blurry photos were not beneath use in their place, see lower left – and the line of legs and shoes at the bottom is what really does it for me. Were these showing off the new shorter skirts of the day? Or just the fashionable shoes – or both?

When I posted the other one someone speculated on how attempts at making contemporary collages never have the same charm. I tend to agree, although I think it is more difficult than it looks and you need a good eye for it. I also believe that there’s something to it being a less cynical time – no striving for irony and a sense of real wonder and fun with the availability of the new medium of photography.

(I just realized that you can’t blow this up unless you drag it to your desktop – please do and have a good look!)

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