The Giant Cat Chair


Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post – Having had a quick look at the Felix-y postcards yesterday and continuing on something of a summer holiday theme, I offer an equally (if more scarce) alternative – the giant cat chair.  I only learned of the existence of these a couple of years ago and it was thanks to a FB post of a google image.  As chance would have it, I did a search on ebay shortly after and turned up this fellow! As far as I can tell, these only existed in England – although frankly I could be wrong as I have only seen about four or five – I own three of them – the most recently acquired I used to kick off this blog.  (In my mind I have this really great image of Great Britain in the ’20’s and ’30’s as this very jolly place where folks were having their photos taking with giant cat dolls every day of the week – what was wrong with the US?)  These were some lucky children!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with posts to this new blog – I am on vacation and enjoying the opportunity to get things rolling, as well as finding my way technically.  Once I am back at work I am sure things will slow considerably.


3 thoughts on “The Giant Cat Chair

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